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#1 in the WitWax 45 Series is "Born To Be Ghosts" b/w "Two Dollar Zoo" by Lesser Known Snakes of New York.

LKSNY record at a desk in an apartment in Orange County, California. They sound a lot like The Throats but The Throats don't record anymore so they must be someone else.

For 2014 Sleeping Brothers Records is releasing singles in celebration of the 45th birthday of semi-fictional label president Frank Witner. "Witwax 45" will feature a monthly (maybe even more often) digital release of an A-Side/B-Side by one of our bands. We hope to spur our old artists to record new stuff or else release new music from our new bands (who are really just our old artists with new band names).


released January 20, 2014

Guitars, keyboard, phone, vocals: Michael O'Shaughnessy
Recorded on a Korg PXR4 in the O.C. in 2013.
Words & music by Michael O'Shaughnessy
cp2014 Michael O'Shaughnessy
WITWAX45 #01
Sleeping Brothers Records/WitWax 45




Sleeping Brothers Records Portland, Oregon

Semi-fictional netlabel reissuing homemade albums from the catalog of Long Island's 90s tape label Big Casserole Records as well as releasing new music from same old guys & gals. Creative Commons. Check out the hiss! NY/OR/CA.

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